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Aeon Metals Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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1,072 million

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Automic Pty Ltd

Financial Reports

  • Annual Report

    2023 Annual ReportView
    2022 Annual ReportView
    2021 Annual ReportView
    2020 Annual ReportView
    2019 Annual ReportView
    2018 Annual ReportView
    2017 Annual ReportView
    2016 Annual ReportView
    2015 Annual ReportView
    2014 Annual ReportView
    2013 Annual ReportView
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    2011 Annual ReportView
    2010 Annual ReportView
    2009 Annual ReportView
    2008 Annual ReportView
    2007 Annual ReportView
  • Half-Yearly Report

    Dec 23 Half Yearly ReportView
    Dec 22 Half Yearly ReportView
    Dec 21 Half Yearly ReportView
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    Dec 18 Half Yearly ReportView
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    Dec 08 Half Yearly ReportView
    Dec 07 Half Yearly ReportView
  • Quarterly Report

    Mar 24 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5BView
    Dec 23 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5BView
    Sep 23 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5BView
    Jun 23 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5BView
    Mar 23 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5BView
    Dec 22 Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportView
    Sep 22 Updated Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Sep 22 Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportView
    Jun 22 Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportView
    Mar 22 Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportView
    Dec 21 Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow ReportView
    Sep 21 Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportView
    Jun 21 Updated Appendix 5BView
    Jun 21 Quarterly Activities & Cashflow ReportView
    Mar 21 Quarterly Cashflow ReportView
    Mar 21 Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Dec 20 Quarterly Cashflow ReportView
    Dec 20 Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Sep 20 Quarterly Cashflow ReportView
    Sep 20 Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Jun 20 Quarterly Cashflow ReportView
    Jun 20 Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Mar 20 Quarterly Cashflow ReportView
    Mar 20 Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Dec 19 Quarterly Cashflow ReportView
    Dec 19 Quarterly Activities ReportView
    Sep 19 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 19 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 19 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 18 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 18 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 18 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 18 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 17 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 17 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 17 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 17 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 16 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 16 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 16 Quarterly ReportView
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    Dec 15 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 15 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 15 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 15 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 14 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 14 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 14 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 14 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 13 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 13 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 13 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 13 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 12 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 12 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 12 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 12 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 11 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 11 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 11 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 11 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 10 Quarterly ReportView
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    Jun 10 Quarterly ReportView
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    Jun 09 Quarterly ReportView
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    Dec 08 Quarterly ReportView
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    Mar 08 Quarterly ReportView
    Dec 07 Quarterly ReportView
    Sep 07 Quarterly ReportView
    Jun 07 Quarterly ReportView
    Mar 07 Quarterly ReportView

ASX Filings

  • 2024

    22 May 24Walford Creek Land Access Agreement Update2View
    02 May 24Tenement Review Yields Two Leading Exploration Targets21View
    30 Apr 24Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B13View
    22 Apr 24Board Changes & Land Access Update3View
    08 Mar 24Change of Share Registry2View
    01 Mar 24Interim Financial Report23View
    31 Jan 24Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B12View
    12 Jan 24Notification of cessation of securities - AML4View
    11 Jan 24Ceasing to be a substantial holder2View
    11 Jan 24Becoming a substantial holder2View
  • 2023

    20 Nov 23

    Results of Annual General Meeting2View
    27 Oct 23Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B13View
    20 Oct 23Letter to Shareholders3View
    20 Oct 23Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form20View
    20 Oct 23Annual Report to Shareholders73View
    20 Oct 23Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement26View
    28 Sep 23Full Year Statutory Accounts64View
    01 Sep 23Notification of Cessation of Securities4View
    01 Sep 23Appendix 3Y3View
    01 Sep 23Appendix 3Y3View
    31 Jul 23Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B14View
    19 May 23Walford Creek Exploration Strategy14View
    10 May 23Presentation to North West MPX Conference18View
    28 Apr 23Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B17View
    12 Apr 23AML - Non-Executive Director Resignation3View
    31 Mar 23Loan Facility Increase2View
    15 Mar 23Substantial Growth in Walford Creek Mineral Resources39View
    14 Mar 23Trading Halt2View
    14 Mar 23Pause in Trading1View
    01 Mar 23Interim Financial Report23View
    15 Feb 23Amy Drilling Delivers Further Significant Results23View
    01 Feb 23Final Results from Le Mans Drilling - Amended21View
    31 Jan 23Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report16View
    27 Jan 23AML – 12 Month Loan Maturity Extension1View
  • 2022

    28 Nov 22Le Mans Drilling Delivers Robust Results23View
    25 Nov 22Release of Shares from Voluntary Escrow1View
    22 Nov 22Results of Annual General Meeting2View
    22 Nov 22Presentation to Annual General Meeting12View
    14 Nov 22Updated Quarterly Activities Report11View
    14 Nov 22AML - Cleansing Notice2View
    14 Nov 22Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    11 Nov 22R&D Refund Received1View
    09 Nov 22Amy West Drilling delivers exceptional Copper & Cobalt results21View
    31 Oct 22Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report10View
    27 Oct 22AEM Survey Identifies New Near Surface Targets at Walford17View
    26 Oct 22Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement27View
    26 Oct 22Annual Report to Shareholders64View
    21 Oct 22Letter to Shareholders2View
    21 Oct 22Notice of Annual General Meeting - Proxy Form20View
    30 Sep 22Full Year Statutory Accounts56View
    26 Sep 22Additional Information on Drilling Success at Walford Creek22View
    23 Sep 22Drilling Success at Walford Creek Extends Mineralisation22View
    17 Aug 22Drilling Success at Walford Creek Extends Mineralisation19View
    10 Aug 22Notification regarding Unquoted Securities - AML6View
    08 Aug 22Change of Director's Interest Notice - P. Harris3View
    08 Aug 22Change of Director's Interest Notice - I. Wong3View
    08 Aug 22Change of Director's Interest Notice - F. Hess3View
    08 Aug 22Change of Director's Interest Notice - A. Greville3View
    05 Aug 22Change in Substantial Holding3View
    04 Aug 22Cleansing Notice2View
    04 Aug 22Confirmation of Capital Structure1View
    04 Aug 22Notification regarding Unquoted Securities - AML5View
    04 Aug 22Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    29 Jul 22Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report10View
    22 Jul 22Investor Presentation - Noosa Mining Conference18View
    19 Jul 22Constitution58View
    19 Jul 22Results of Meeting2View
    17 Jun 22Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form83View
    17 Jun 22Letter to Shareholders - Extraordinary General Meeting2View
    01 Jun 22Notification regarding Unquoted Securities - AML5View
    01 Jun 22Confirmation of Capital Structure1View
    01 Jun 22Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    31 May 22Completion of Rights Offer & Shortfall Notice1View
    17 May 22Despatch of Rights Offer Documents2View
    16 May 22Change in Substantial Holding3View
    16 May 22Virtual Investor Briefing1View
    13 May 22Replacement Prospectus48View
    13 May 22Walford Creek Exploration Commences5View
    12 May 22Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    09 May 22Update - Proposed Issue of Securities - AML8View
    09 May 22Prospectus48View
    09 May 22Proposed Issue of Securities - AML6View
    09 May 22Proposed Issue of Securities - AML8View
    09 May 22Proposed Issue of Securities - AML5View
    09 May 22Successful A$7.2M Placement & Launch of Rights Issue Offer4View
    05 May 22Trading Halt

    29 Apr 22Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report13View
    22 Apr 22Walford Creek PFS Paused with Renewed Exploration Focus3View
    30 Mar 22Ord Minnett East Coast Mining Conference - Presentation21View
    29 Mar 22Walford Creek 2022 Exploration Strategy11View
    21 Mar 22Walford Creek Resource Upgrade - Additional Information37View
    16 Mar 22Walford Creek Resource Upgrade32View
    03 Mar 22Interim Financial Report24View
    23 Feb 22Pre-Feasibility Study Update5View
    18 Feb 22Aeon Awarded CEI Funding5View
    11 Feb 22Step-Out Drilling Identifies Potential Vardy Repeat19View
    31 Jan 22Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report11View
    28 Jan 222021 Vardy & Marley Drilling Update21View
    19 Jan 22Response to ASX Price Query4View
  • 2021

    08 Dec 21Application for quotation of securities6View
    07 Dec 21Proposed Issue of Securities5View
    07 Dec 21Appointment of Strategic Adviser2View
    26 Nov 21Results of Annual General Meeting2View
    26 Nov 21AGM Presentation8View
    22 Nov 21Vardy and Marley Drilling Update19View
    12 Nov 21Presentation to Noosa Mining Conference21View
    11 Nov 21Vardy Deeps Exploration Update18View
    03 Nov 21Vardy Drilling Update22View
    29 Oct 21Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report13View
    26 Oct 21Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form21View
    26 Oct 21Letter to Shareholders - Annual General Meeting2View
    22 Oct 21Annual Report to Shareholders64View
    22 Oct 21Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement26View
    13 Oct 21PFS Metallurgical Testwork Update7View
    05 Oct 21Change of Director's Interest Notice - F. Hess3View
    05 Oct 21Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    01 Oct 21Change of Director's Interest Notice - P. Harris2View
    01 Oct 21Change of Director's Interest Notice - F. Hess3View
    01 Oct 21Change of Director's Interest Notice - I. Wong2View
    01 Oct 21Change of Director's Interest Notice - A. Greville2View
    27 Sep 21Change in substantial holding3View
    24 Sep 21Cleansing Notice2View
    24 Sep 21Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    20 Sep 21 Full Year Statutory Accounts60View
    17 Sep 21Results of Extraordinary General Meeting2View
    14 Sep 21Change in Registered Office Address1View
    26 Aug 21Investor Presentation15View
    25 Aug 21Application for Quotation of Securities - AML6View
    24 Aug 21Broker Briefing Investor Webinar1View
    24 Aug 2124-Month OCP Loan Maturity Extension - Update3View
    23 Aug 21Results of Share Purchase Plan2View
    17 Aug 21Letter to Shareholders - Notice of EGM6View
    17 Aug 21Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form30View
    16 Aug 21New Executive Appointments2View
    09 Aug 21New Drill Targets at Walford Creek16View
    28 Jul 21Aeon Share Purchase Plan Offer Booklet22View
    28 Jul 21Change in substantial holding5View
    23 Jul 21Updated Appendix 5B6View
    19 Jul 21Successful A$9.5m Placement & A$3m SPP Announced4View
    19 Jul 21Quarterly Activities & Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report11View
    19 Jul 21Proposed Issue of Securities - AML10View
    15 Jul 21Trading Halt2View
    15 Jul 2124-month Loan Maturity Extension2View
    05 Jul 21Company Presentation35View
    30 Jun 21Walford Creek Revised Scoping Study Results56View
    25 Jun 21Managing Director & CEO Appointment3View
    03 Jun 21Metallurgical Testwork Program32View
    27 May 21Walford Creek 2021 Exploration Program Commences23View
    20 May 21New Mine Schedule Optimisations2View
    30 Apr 21Quarterly Cashflow Report5View
    30 Apr 21Quarterly Activities Report8View
    19 Apr 21Walford Creek Resource Update33View
    16 Apr 21Clarification Announcement1View
    15 Apr 21Letter to Shareholders from Interim Managing Director3View
    15 Apr 21Walford Creek PFS Update & Next Steps11View
    30 Mar 21Final Director's Interest Notice2View
    12 Mar 21Interim CEO Appointment2View
    10 Mar 21Half Year Accounts28View
    29 Jan 21Quarterly Activities Report10View
    29 Jan 21Quarterly Cashflow Report5View
    28 Jan 21Beauchamp IOCG Exploration Update12View
  • 2020

    18 Dec 20R&D Grant Received2View
    18 Nov 20Results of Meeting3View
    18 Nov 20AGM Presentation26View
    04 Nov 20IOCG Mineralised System at Beauchamp6View
    30 Oct 20Quarterly Cashflow Report5View
    30 Oct 20Quarterly Activities Report7View
    30 Oct 20Substantial Power Cost Savings for Walford Creek2View
    20 Oct 20Beauchamp Drilling Commenced3View
    19 Oct 20Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form27View
    19 Oct 20Letter to Shareholders - Annual General Meeting2View
    14 Oct 20Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement20View
    14 Oct 202020 Annual Report64View
    28 Sep 20Annual Financial Report66View
    25 Sep 20Project and Corporate Update5View
    31 Aug 20Appendix 3Y - Wong3View
    31 Aug 20Appendix 3Y - Harris3View
    31 Aug 20Appendix 3Y - Greville2View
    31 Aug 20Appendix 3Y - Collins
    26 Aug 20Appendix 3G12View
    12 Aug 20Results of Meeting3View
    31 Jul 20Quarterly Activities Report Jun 20208View
    31 Jul 20Quarterly Cashflow Report Jun 20205View
    29 Jul 20CEI Funding Granted for Drilling of Large Scale IOCG Target8View
    13 Jul 20Letter to Shareholders - Extraordinary General Meeting3View
    13 Jul 20Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting & Proxy Form21View
    15 May 20Appendix 3X - Greville2View
    15 May 20Independent Director Appointment2View
    29 Apr 20Quarterly Cashflow Report5View
    29 Apr 20Quarterly Activities Report8View
    01 Apr 20Appendix 3Y - Collins3View
    30 Mar 2012 Month OCP Loan Maturity Extension3View
    18 Mar 20OCP Loan Facility Increased3View
    12 Mar 20Half Year Accounts26View
    29 Jan 20Quarterly Cashflow Report5View
    29 Jan 20Quarterly Activities Report10View
    29 Jan 20Appointment of New Company Secretary2View
  • 2019

    20 Dec 2019R&D Grant Received1View
    19 Dec 2019Form 603 Initial Substantial Shareholder Notice3View
    18 Dec 2019Appendix 3Y Collins and Hess4View
    18 Dec 2019Appendix 2A Directors Shares14View
    18 Dec 2019Proposed Issue of Securities - AML5View
    17 Dec 2019Substantial Walford Creek Resource Upgrade38View
    16 Dec 2019Funding Update2View
    25 Nov 2019Director Retirement Stephen Lonergan3View
    25 Nov 2019Results of AGM3View
    25 Nov 2019AGM Presentation25View
    21 Nov 2019Final 2019 Walford Drilling Results36View
    21 Nov 2019Basin Edge Project Update24View
    01 Nov 2019Quarterly Activities Report - Scoping Study Confirmation1View
    01 Nov 2019Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    31 Oct 2019Company Presentation Amended Slides3View
    29 Oct 2019Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B13View
    28 Oct 2019Company Presentation23View
    23 Oct 2019Notice of AGM and Proxy18View
    23 Oct 20192019 Annual Report76View
    23 Oct 2019Appendix 4G11View
    21 Oct 2019Walford Creek Scoping Study49View
    27 Sep 2019Annual Financial Report69View
    26 Sep 2019Amy Exploration Update Amended33View
    24 Sep 2019Amy Exploration Update37View
    16 Sep 2019Marley Zone Drilling Update28View
    21 Aug 2019Vardy Drilling Update25View
    20 Aug 2019Appendix 3B Employee Incentive Shares12View
    06 Aug 2019Appendix 3X Dr Fred Hess3View
    06 Aug 2019Vardy Drilling Update27View
    02 Aug 2019Response to ASX Appendix 5B Query4View
    31 Jul 2019Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B13View
    30 Jul 2019Bioleach selected for Process Flowsheet23View
    29 Jul 2019Amy Exploration Update22View
    26 Jul 2019High Grade Vardy Drilling Results24View
    18 Jul 2019Further Step-Out Success West of Amy29View
    04 Jul 2019Basin Edge Project4View
    02 Jul 2019Independent Director Appointment Dr Fred Hess1View
    13 Jun 2019Mineralised PY3 Defined in Drilling West of Amy27View
    30 May 2019Excellent Walford Creek Metallurgy Results AMENDED24View
    30 May 2019Excellent Walford Creek Metallurgy Results3View
    07 May 2019Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    02 May 2019Drilling Underway at Walford Creek3View
    18 Apr 2019Quarterly Activities Report11View
    18 Mar 2019Exercise of 85 million warrants and Appendix 3B14View
    15 Mar 2019Half Year Accounts27View
    04 Mar 2019Appendix 3B Employee Incentive Shares12View
    25 Feb 2019Walford Creek Resource Upgrade32View
    01 Feb 2019Report on 2018 Seismic Survey27View
    31 Jan 2019Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B51View
    10 Jan 2019Chairman's New Consultancy Arrangement with OCP1View
    08 Jan 2019Change in substantial holding4View
  • 2018

    21 Dec 2018Final Walford Resource Drilling Results for 201865View
    19 Dec 2018Walford Creek Exploration Update48View
    12 Dec 2018Further High Grade Copper-Cobalt Assay Results53View
    21 Nov 2018Marley Resource Drilling-Mineralisation Continuity47View
    12 Nov 2018Results of AGM2View
    12 Nov 2018MD Presentation to AGM20View
    12 Nov 2018Chairman's Address to AGM2View
    07 Nov 2018Resource Drilling Assay Results43View
    31 Oct 2018Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201821View
    29 Oct 2018Appendix 3B Employee Incentive Shares12View
    17 Oct 2018High Grade Continues 5.7km West of Resource26View
    11 Oct 2018Appendix 4G11View
    11 Oct 20182018 Annual Report93View
    08 Oct 2018Change in substantial holding4View
    05 Oct 2018Ceasing to be a substantial holder2View
    04 Oct 2018Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form14View
    04 Oct 2018High Grade Cu-Co Assay Results29View
    27 Sep 2018Full Year Statutory Accounts 71View
    18 Sep 2018Walford West Assay Result and Drilling Update26View
    06 Sep 2018Further High Grade Copper Cobalt Assays39View
    04 Sep 2018Updated Company Presentation20View
    30 Aug 2018Hole 352 Assays 2.55% Cu & 0.29% Co28View
    29 Aug 2018Change in substantial holding4View
    24 Aug 2018Walford Creek Site Activities Update26View
    16 Aug 2018Vardy Resource Drill Assays32View
    3 Aug 2018Export Acid Sales MOU with Mitsubishi1View
    31 Jul 2018Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Jun 201815View
    30 Jul 2018Vardy Resource Drilling Assays30View
    26 Jul 2018Assay Result 3.7km West of Resource26View
    26 Jul 201842m Chalcopyrite Intercept 4.6km West of Resource26View
    19 Jul 2018Walford West Exploration Update Addendum22View
    18 Jul 2018Walford West Exploration Update4View
    11 Jul 2018Walford Creek Site Activities Update3View
    5 Jul 2018Assay Results from Drill Hole WFPD29225View
    27 Jun 2018High Grade Assays 2.5km along strike from Resource27View
    22 Jun 2018Continuation of High Grade Resource Assays30View
    15 Jun 2018High Grade Resource Assays30View
    12 Jun 2018General Manager Walford Creek Project Appointed1View
    5 Jun 2018First Assays West of Resource28View
    29 May 2018First Assays from Walford Creek Drilling Campaign27View
    17 May 201820m Chalcopyrite Intercept 2.5km from Existing Resource25View
    7 May 2018Amendment of 3 May Drilling Update23View
    7 May 2018Amendment of 24 April Drilling Update23View
    3 May 2018Drilling Intercepts PY3 7.4km along strike from Resource2View
    30 Apr 2018Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Mar 201812View
    26 Apr 2018Becoming a Substantial Holder5View
    24 Apr 2018Mineralisation hit 4.6km from Resource2View
    13 Apr 20182018 Drilling Underway at Walford Creek1View
    29 Mar 20182018 Walford Creek Drilling Program6View
    15 Mar 2018Half Year Financial Report Dec 201737View
    09 Mar 2018Appendix 3Y Paul Harris2View
    09 Mar 2018Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    28 Feb 2018Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder2View
    19 Feb 2018Updated Company Presentation18View
    08 Feb 2018Appendix 3Yx4 SPP Shares9View
    08 Feb 2018Appendix 3B SPP & Employee Incentive Shares12View
    06 Feb 2018Results of Share Purchase Plan1View
    30 Jan 2018Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Dec 201715View
    24 Jan 2018Doubling of Copper Resource at Walford Creek23View
    11 Jan 2018SPP Documents Despatched6View
    5 Jan 2018Share Purchase Plan2View
  • 2017

    21 Dec 2017Appendix 3B Institutional Placements12View
    21 Dec 2017Listing Rule 3.10.5A Information1View
    21 Dec 2017Updated Top 20 Shareholders1View
    21 Dec 2017Cleansing Notice1View
    15 Dec 2017$30 Million Institutional Placement2View
    13 Dec 2017Trading Halt2View
    12 Dec 2017CEI Grant for Walford Creek6View
    8 Dec 2017Change in substantial holding (from Regal Funds Management)3View
    7 Dec 2017Notice of ceasing to be substantial holder from BKW2View
    6 Dec 2017Cleansing Notice Shares on Exercise of Warrants1View
    6 Dec 2017Ceasing to be a substantial holder from SOL3View
    6 Dec 2017Change in substantial holding from Regal Funds3View
    6 Dec 2017Change in substantial holding from OCP Asia6View
    5 Dec 2017Exercise of Warrants1View
    5 Dec 2017Appendix 3B Exercise of Warrants12View
    4 Dec 2017Highest PY3 copper and cobalt grades yet at Walford Creek25View
    29 Nov 2017High Grade Mineralisation West of Vardy27View
    23 Nov 2017High grade Cu Co extends a further 250m west24View
    20 Nov 2017Result of AGM2View
    20 Nov 2017Chairman’s Address to AGM3View
    13 Nov 2017Consistent High Grade Cu Co Continues23View
    08 Nov 2017Updated Company Presentation Nov 201719View
    02 Nov 2017PY3 High Grade Cu-Co Mineralisation Continues23View
    31 Oct 2017Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201718View
    26 Oct 2017Change in substantial holding2View
    25 Oct 2017Bonanza Grade Copper-Cobalt from PY326View
    17 Oct 2017Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form14View
    17 Oct 2017Annual Report to Shareholders96View
    17 Oct 2017Appendix 4G11View
    12 Oct 2017Change in substantial holding3View
    05 Oct 2017Walford Creek Drilling Update5View
    22 Sep 2017Drilling Resumes at Walford Creek2View
    22 Sep 2017Full Year Accounts 201775View
    22 Sep 2017Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    06 Sep 2017Final Results for May-July Drill Program25View
    30 Aug 2017High Grade Near Surface Copper24View
    21 Aug 2017Change in substantial holding4View
    21 Aug 2017Becoming a substantial holder3View
    21 Aug 2017Change in substantial shareholding from BKW3View
    21 Aug 2017Appendix 3Y x 4 Directors’ Incentive Shares8View
    18 Aug 2017Change in substantial holding from SOL3View
    18 Aug 2017Appendix 3B Incentive Shares12View
    18 Aug 2017Cleansing Notice Warrants and Placement Shares1View
    17 Aug 2017Updated Distribution Schedule1View
    17 Aug 2017Updated Top 20 Shareholders1View
    17 Aug 2017Appendix 3B OCP Warrants & Placement Shares12View
    15 Aug 2017RC Drilling Results East and West of Vardy26View
    11 Aug 2017Results of EGM1View
    11 Aug 2017Placement to raise $5.5 million1View
    31 Jul 2017Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Jun 201713View
    31 Jul 2017Updated Company Presentation30View
    28 Jul 2017Zambian Copperbelt Style Geological Model9View
    27 Jul 2017Shallow High Grade Copper-Cobalt at Walford Creek23View
    21 Jul 2017Exceptional Copper and Cobalt Results from Hole WFDD23826View
    14 Jul 20175m at 5.12% Copper and 0.14% Cobalt22View
    14 Jul 2017Notice of General Meeting170View
    5 Jul 2017Further Drilling Results and RC Drilling Underway22View
    20 Jun 2017High Grade Copper & Cobalt Results24View
    13 Jun 2017More High Grade Cobalt Results20View
    05 Jun 2017High Grade Cobalt Results20View
    19 May 2017Walford Creek Drilling Update3View
    9 May 2017Drilling Commences at Walford Creek1View
    8 May 2017OCP Loan Extension Agreed2View
    28 April 2017Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Mar 201710View
    27 April 2017Imminent Drilling at Walford Creek2View
    18 April 2017Cobalt Roasting Scoping Study18View
    15 March 2017Walford Creek Presentation March 201721View
    8 March 2017Half Yearly Report and Accounts Dec 201624View
    6 March 2017Walford Creek Preliminary Economic Assessment Revised21View
    15 February 2017Walford Creek Preliminary Economic Assessment13View
    31 January 2017 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Dec 201631View
  • 2016

    2016 Dec 28Chairman’s Consultancy Remuneration1View
    2016 Dec 22Walford Creek Vardy Resource Increase18View
    2016 Dec 15Walford PEA Update1View
    2016 Dec 09Change in Substantial Shareholding4View
    2016 Nov 21Walford Creek Drill Results21View
    2016 Nov 18Appendix 3Z Tom Mann2View
    2016 Nov 18Director Retirement Tom Mann1View
    2016 Nov 14Walford Creek Drill Results21View
    2016 Oct 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201632View
    2016 Oct 26Update on Century Discussions1View
    2016 Oct 25Resource Estimates for shallow, high grade Zone at Walford21View
    2016 Oct 21Results of AGM2View
    2016 Oct 21MD Presentation to AGM20View
    2016 Oct 21Chairman’s Address to AGM3View
    2016 Oct 10Drill Program Update3View
    2016 Sep 30Annual Report to Shareholders88View
    2016 Sep 30Appendix 4G11View
    2016 Sep 23Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form10View
    2016 Sep 20New Drilling Program starts at Walford2View
    2016 Sep 14Further Drill Results from Walford Creek21View
    2016 Sep 13Full Year Statutory Accounts68View
    2016 Sep 09Updated Top 20 Shareholders2View
    2016 Sep 08Form 605 John Goody1View
    2016 Sep 08Appendix 3X Stephen Lonergan2View
    2016 Sep 07Appendix 3Z John Goody2View
    2016 Sep 07Director Resignation & Appointment1View
    2016 Aug 31New Drilling Program at Walford Creek2View
    2016 Aug 30Further Drill Results from Walford Creek22View
    2016 Aug 17Relodged Announcement – Walford Drilling Results23View
    2016 Aug 16Shallow High Grade Intersections at Walford Creek5View
    2016 Jul 29Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Jun 201629View
    2016 Jul 13Change in Substantial Shareholding2View
    2016 Jul 01Appendix 3X Ivan Wong2View
    2016 Jul 01Appointment of Ivan Wong as a Director1View
    2016 Jun 16Change in Substantial Shareholding2View
    2016 Jun 09Paul Harris to be Non Independent Director1View
    2016 May 26Change in Substantial Shareholding2View
    2016 Apr 29Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Mar 2016 12View
    2016 Mar 15Half Yearly Accounts Dec 2015 25View
    2016 Mar 10Change in Substantial Holding 3View
    2016 Jan 29Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Dec 2015 11View
     2016 Jan 15Change of ASX Code to AML 1View
    2016 Jan 14Appendix 3Z – Ed Newman2View
    2016 Jan 13Board Changes1View
  • 2015

    2015 Nov 25Results of AGM1View
    2015 Nov 02Cleansing Notice1View
    2015 Nov 02Appendix 3B12View
    2015 Oct 30Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201518View
    2015 Oct 29Additional Walford Funding Approved1View
    2015 Oct 29Results of EGM1View
    2015 Oct 27Notice of Annual General Meeting & Proxy Form6View
    2015 Oct 232015 Annual Report86View
    2015 Oct 23Appendix 4G14View
    2015 Sep 30Annual Financial Report 201568View
    2015 Sep 29Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form160View
    2015 Sep 29Additional Walford Creek Funding2View
    2015 Aug 07Appendix 3Y Paul Harris2View
    2015 Aug 07Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    2015 Aug 07Cleansing Notice New Warrants1View
    2015 Aug 07Appendix 3B New Warrants12View
    2015 Aug 06Change in Substantial Holding17View
    2015 Aug 04Rights Issue Shares Allotted4View
    2015 Jul 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Jun 201517View
    2015 Jul 30Result of Rights Issue1View
    2015 Jul 14Rights Issue Documents Despatched Today32View
    2015 Jul 06Appendix 3Y Paul Harris2View
    2015 Jul 03Appendix 3Y Paul Harris2View
    2015 Jul 02Rights Issue Letter to Shareholders2View
    2015 Jul 01Rights Issue & Refinancing2View
    2015 Jul 01Offer Document Rights Issue34View
    2015 Jul 01Cleansing Notice Rights Issue2View
    2015 Jul 01Appendix 3B Rights Issue12View
    2015 Jun 24Result of General Meeting1View
    2015 Jun 16General Meeting 24 June 2015 – Withdrawal of all Resolutions1View
    2015 May 25Notice of General Meeting154View
    2015 May 15Commencement of Drilling at Walford Creek5View
    2015 May 15ASX Advice Updated Presentation1View
    2015 May 07Change in Substantial Shareholding from BKW3View
    2015 Apr 30Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Mar 201516View
    2015 Mar 16Half Yearly Report & Accounts Dec 201424View
    2015 Mar 16  H&SC Mineral Resources Report  1View
    2015 Mar 06Walford Creek Resource Increased by 52%26View
    2015 Jan 30Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Dec 201414View
  • 2014

    2014 Dec 17Appendix 3X Paul Harris2View
    2014 Dec 17Paul Harris Appointed Director1View
    2014 Dec 11Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    2014 Nov 24AGM Company Presentation Nov 201424View
    2014 Nov 24Results of AGM2View
    2014 Nov 06Walford Creek Results4View
    2014 Oct 312014 Annual Report to Shareholders79View
    2014 Oct 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201415View
    2014 Oct 23High Grade Copper Intersect6View
    2014 Oct 22AGM Notice & Proxy6View
    2014 Oct 22Government CDI Hole High Grade Intersect4View
    2014 Oct 16Walford Results Update5View
    2014 Oct 10Walford Creek 2014 Drilling JORC Table 113View
    2014 Oct 09Walford Results Update corrected4View
    2014 Oct 09Walford Results Update4View
    2014 Oct 012014 Annual Report65View
    2014 Sep 25Walford Creek Drill Results25View
    2014 Sep 19Change of Registered Office1View
    2014 Sep 04Company Presentation Sep 201422View
    2014 Sep 02High Grade Copper & Cobalt Intersect4View
    2014 Aug 28Appendix 3B12View
    2014 Aug 28Drill Hole Results for Walford Creek4View
    2014 Aug 08Updated Top 20 Shareholders2View
    2014 Aug 08Cleansing Notice1View
    2014 Aug 08Appendix 3B – Final Placement Shares12View
    2014 Aug 06Government Grant for Walford Creek Project5View
    2014 Aug 04Appendix 3B Employee Incentive Shares12View
    2014 Jul 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B June 201414View
    2014 Jul 16Becoming a Substantial Holder2View
    2014 Jul 15Cleansing Notice1View
    2014 Jul 15Appendix 3B12View
    2014 Jul 09Walford Creek Drilling Plan & Update4View
    2014 Jul 03Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    2014 Jul 03Appendix 3B MD Incentive Shares12View
    2014 Jul 01Change in Substantial Holding from SOL4View
    2014 Jun 30Listing Rule 14.7 Waiver4View
    2014 Jun 26Appendix 3Y Hamish Collins2View
    2014 Jun 18Becoming a Substantial Holder13View
    2014 Jun 18Aston Acquisition & Drilling3View
    2014 Jun 17Cleansing Notice1View
    2014 Jun 17Appendix 3B13View
    2014 Jun 057B Drilling Program4View
    2014 May 28Company Presentation May 201421View
    2014 May 22Cleansing Notice1View
    2014 May 21Appendix 3B15View
    2014 May 15Cleansing Notice1View
    2014 May 14Appendix 3B15View
    2014 May 08Results of General Meeting1View
    2014 Apr 30Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Mar 201412View
    2014 Apr 09Notice of General Meeting36View
    2014 Apr 03Aston Acquisition & $8million Placement22View
    2014 Mar 14Half Yearly Financial Report Dec 201323View
    2014 Jan 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Dec 201314View
  • 2013

    2013 Dec 20Becoming a Substantial Holder from BKW3View
    2013 Nov 14Results of 2013 AGM2View
    2013 Nov 12Ben Hur Maiden Resource29View
    2013 Oct 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201315View
    2013 Oct 307B Assay & Diamond Drill Logging Results6View
    2013 Oct 237B Project Update6View
    2013 Oct 142013 Annual Report76View
    2013 Oct 14Notice of 2013 AGM10View
    2013 Sep 272013 Annual Financial Report65View
    2013 Sep 167B Drilling Success Continues6View
    2013 Aug 15Appendix 3B Placement15View
    2013 Aug 02Placement – Stage 3 7B Drilling to Commence2View
    2013 Jul 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Jun 201316View
    2013 Jul 16More Shallow Copper Results at 7B6View
    2013 Jul 12Positive 7B Metallurgical Tests4View
    2013 Jul 09Further John Hill Assay Results4View
    2013 Jul 04New Assay Results for John Hill4View
    2013 Jun 257B Project Strike Extension4View
    2013 Jun 18More High Grade Assay Results From 7B6View
    2013 Jun 13First Assay Results from 7B Stage 2 Drilling4View
    2013 Apr 30Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Mar 201310View
    2013 Apr 18Gold Results for Drill Hole 012 at 7B4View
    2013 Mar 267B Project Exploration Results4View
    2013 Mar 25Change of Registered Office1View
    2013 Mar 19Appendix 3B15View
    2013 Mar 15Half Year Financial Report Dec 201222View
    2013 Mar 13Placement Raising $1,150,0001View
    2013 Feb 08Appendix 3B15View
    2013 Feb 06EGM Results1View
    2013 Jan 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Dec 201212View
    2013 Jan 07General Meeting of Shareholders11View
  • 2012

    2012 Nov 29Company Presentation20View
    2012 Nov 28Results of 2012 AGM2View
    2012 Nov 14Becoming a Substantial Shareholder2View
    2012 Nov 12Appendix 3B7View
    2012 Nov 09SLWQ Transaction2View
    2012 Nov 08Rio Tinto JV Executed2View
    2012 Oct 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Sep 201213View
    2012 Oct 292012 Annual Report63View
    2012 Oct 29Notice of 2012 AGM10View
    2012 Sep 28Annual Report to Shareholders54View
    2012 Sep 12John Hill Drill Results4View
    2012 Sep 10John Hill Drill Results3View
    2012 Sep 06Letter of Intent with Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Ltd2View
    2012 Aug 27Name Change to Aeon Metals Limited1View
    2012 Aug 24Results of General Meeting1View
    2012 Jul 31Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B Jun 201210View
    2012 Jul 27General Meeting of Shareholders9View
    2012 May 29Change of Share Registry Provider1View
    2012 May 23Substantial Shareholding SOL2View
    2012 May 21Appendix 3Z, Messrs. Griff & Haren4View
    2012 May 21Retirement of Directors1View
    2012 May 11Cleansing Notice1View
    2012 May 09John Hill Discovery Results48View
    2012 May 07Appendix 3B7View
    2012 May 07Reinstatement to Official Quotation1View
    2012 May 07Placement1View
    2012 May 04Suspension from Official Quotation2View
    2012 May 01Trading Halt2View
    2012 Apr 30Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report Mar 201212View
    2012 Mar 30Appendix 3Y John Goody 23View
    2012 Mar 30Appendix 3Y John Goody3View
    2012 Mar 27Appendix 3Y John Goody3View
    2012 Mar 13Half Yearly Report & Accounts17View
    2012 Feb 23Progress Report Drilling at John Hill35View
    2012 Feb 21Progress Report Kiwi Carpet Greater Whitewash3View
    2012 Feb 17Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement7View
    2012 Jan 31Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report8View
    2012 Jan 04Appendix 3B Exercise of Options8View
  • 2011

    2011 Dec 21Managing Director Appointment2View
    2011 Nov 24Results of 2011 Annual General Meeting2View
    2011 Nov 16Progress Report Greater Whitewash Drilling21View
    2011 Oct 26Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report Sep 20119View
    2011 Oct 2658View
    2011 Oct 26Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form8View
    2011 Sep 30Directors’ & Financial Report 201149View
    2011 Sep 22Metallurgical Test Results Greater Whitewash6View
    2011 Aug 30AQR Signs New Drilling Contract2View
    2011 Jul 29Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report Jun 201110View
    2011 Jul 09Greater Whitewash Project Video on AQR Website1View
    2011 Jun 07Presentation for Hong Kong and Singapore Roadshow25View
    2011 May 31Resource Estimate Clarification2View
    2011 May 31Resignation of CEO1View
    2011 May 30Resource Update Greater Whitewash & Summary Report11View
    2011 May 23Timing for Updated Resource Estimate – Greater Whitewash1View
    2011 Apr 28Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report Mar 201113View
    2011 Mar 16Half Yearly Report 31/12/1018View
    2011 Mar 03Whitewash South Assays Copper Mineralisation77View
    2011 Mar 03Windmill Hill Drilling Broad Copper Intersections60View
    2011 Jan 31Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report Dec 201014View
    2011 Jan 24Potential Strike of Greater Whitewash Increased to 5kms7View
    2011 Jan 18Kildare Area Joint Exploration Agreement Signed3View
    2011 Jan 13Whitewash South Latest Drill Results59View
    2011 Jan 12Market Update Greater Whitewash Project3View

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May 2023Presentation to North West MPX Conference 10/5/2318View
Nov 2022Presentation to Annual General Meeting12View
Jul 2022Investor Presentation - Noosa Mining Conference18View
Mar 2022Ord Minnett East Coast Mining Conference Presentation21View
Nov 2021AGM Presentation8View
Nov 2021Presentation to Noosa Mining Conference21View
Aug 2021Investor Presentation15View
Jul 2021Company Presentation35View
Feb 2021Bell Potter Unearthed Conference 10/2/2125View
Nov 2020AGM Presentation26View
Jun 2020Mines & Money Presentation - Jun 202011View
Nov 2019AGM Presentation25View
Oct 2019Company Presentation - Oct 201924View
Mar 2019Company Presentation - Mar 201921View
Feb 2019Argus Metals Week Presentation - 27 Feb 201917View
Feb 2019Company Presentation - Feb 2019 19View
Nov 2018Managing Director's Presentation to 2018 AGM20View
Oct 2018Brisbane Resources Round-Up Presentation 17 Oct 201820View
Sep 2018Company Presentation - Sep 201820View
Apr 2018RIU Sydney Resources Round-Up Presentation19View
Feb 2018Company Presentation – Feb 201818View
Nov 2017Company Presentation – Nov 201719View
Aug 2017Company Presentation – Aug 201730View
Jun 2017Walford Creek Presentation – Jun 201730View
May 2017Company Presentation – May 201729View
Mar 2017Company Presentation – Mar 201721View
Oct 2016AGM Company Presentation – Oct 201620View
Nov 2015AGM Company Presentation – Nov 201517View
May 2015Company Presentation – May 201521View
Mar 2015Company Presentation – Mar 201518View
Nov 2014AGM Company Presentation – Nov 201424View
Oct 2014Company Presentation – Oct 201423View
Sep 2014Company Presentation – Sep 201422View
May 2014Company Presentation – May 201421View
Apr 2014Company Presentation – Apr 201425View
Jul 2013Company Presentation – Jul 201324View
Mar 2013Company Presentation – Mar 201318View
Nov 2012Presentation by Managing Director to AGM20View
Jun 2011Presentation for Hong Kong and Singapore Roadshow25View
Nov 2010Presentation by CEO to AGM31View
Jul 2010Investor Presentation23View

Investor Presentation Video

2022 Walford Creek Exploration Program


Top 20 Shareholders as at 21 May 2024

RankNameNo. of ordinary shares heldPercentage of capital held
3L&M GROUP LIMITED 22,053,559 2,06%
8MOYA PTY LTD (JAAM A/C) 8,045,195 0.75%
10MISS LYNETTE KAIRI 7,000,071 0.65%
12MR DEVIN WESLEY HALL 6,719,726 0.63%
15KBR CAPITAL PTY LTD 5,000,000 0.47%
17CLAWSON HOLDINGS PTY LTD (NO 4 A/C) 5,000,000 0.47%
20MS SHUQIN LU 4,830,000 0.45%
Total Securities of Top 20 Holdings as at 21/5/24716,573,408 66.85%