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Aeon Metals Limited is a mineral exploration company that floated on the Australian Securities Exchange on 14 June 2007 raising AUD$12M.

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It holds ten (three under joint venture) highly prospective copper/molybdenum Exploration Permits for Minerals (EPMs) in the Rawbelle district, centred 30 kms to the west of the town of Monto approx. 150 kms by road/rail to the port of Gladstone which offers excellent infrastructure.

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Aussie Q Resources

These EPMS host prospects for molybdenum and copper with other areas anomalous in gold and zinc. Molybdenum (Mo) is a metallic element used primarily for steel alloying and as a catalyst. It occurs naturally in mineralised rocks in combination with other elements including copper, silver, zinc, tungsten and titanium.

The principal project at Rawbelle is the Greater Whitewash Project. In addition there are 16 satellite prospects with 4 of these joint ventured with SLW Queensland Pty. Ltd. (SLWQ).

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Independent group, SRK Consulting, provided an Initial Mineral Resource Statement for the Whitewash Project on 24 September 2008 with a further Resource Statement for the Gordons area. The combined Resource Statement was announced to the ASX on 7 May 2009.

Following the completion of the 2010 drilling programme, SRK Consulting was again commissioned to provide a Resource Update for the Greater Whitewash area.  This update has now been completed and a Summary Report was announced to the ASX on 30/5/11 - please refer to this announcement for the report.

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